Krangpower is a Python package for electrical network simulations based on OpenDSS by EPRI and a Python api for its direct library incarnation,, by Dheepak Krishnamurthy.

Design goals:

  • Providing an even easier and more intuitive frontend;
  • Introducing measurement units through the package pint, allowing the user to worry less about errors, to demand the burden of conversion and to correctly interpret the results without recurring to the OpenDSS docs;
  • Returning results in interoperable data structures and containers;
  • Enabling advanced analysis modes, for example:
    • Exporting the network topology in a networkx graph
    • Solving duty cycles that involve smart components that need to update themselves after every n steps
  • Providing a I/O facility based on json files, allowing easier bookkeping and search and procedural generation of circuits with custom tools

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